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This is The Director's best attempt at spelling "genre" via the sounding-out method.  I like it.

(Application:  caption for one of her fantasy combat illustrations.  It says, "Genre of weapon:  Mace.")

Ravenclaw mittens

A certain ten-year-old girl I know needs a new pair of mittens.  Naturally, she wants "real" Ravenclaw colors, not movie colors.  After I finished the top of one, she said she wanted the top of the other one and both thumbs to be flip tops, so I converted those.

Ravenclaw mittens on table

Happy birthday, dear Juno Magic

Tender, pensive, brilliant, thoughtful woman!  Best of days to you.


Hurray, first Misti-con proposal submitted

drinking chocolate
I went ahead with the proposal "Magical Symbols of Inner Strength:  Time-Turners, Cauldrons, and Slytherin's Locket."  I'm going to discuss each item and what function I think it represents in the story, and then invite attendees to meditate privately on whether they've had similar experiences.  I'll want time for people to talk and share after, too.  The Time-Turner portion will be about looking back at trauma with new perspectives that can set people free.  The cauldron portion will be about the flow states that bring us personal bliss no matter how grim our circumstances.  And the locket portion will be about loving a friend so much that you commit to sharing their burdens so they feel less alone.

I figured three objects would be good for a 45-minute session.  I mean, I could go on for ages.  <3  There are many other symbols that would be just as wonderful.  I hope they accept this.  I think it could be good.
georgetown cupcake
azriona linked me to a recipe for gluten-free peanut butter blondies made with chickpeas.  Half the pan is gone already and the whole house approves heartily.  No flour in them at all.

I used the variation that includes an egg.

I did keep it in the oven an extra 3 minutes (as Azriona mentioned, it tends to be gooey unless you bake it a little extra).

I omitted the sea salt topping.

The recipe called for 1/3 cup chocolate chips.  For an entire 8x8 pan.  Oh, I don't think so!  It was 1 cup from me, and the family ratified this decision.


Although some things have been difficult...

inspector lewis kiss
There has been fear, and worry, and some unhappiness, but I do love Lewis, and enjoyed this evening's episode, "Beyond Good and Evil," in particular.   (I'm not sure how I missed that Season 7 was going to be a cruel three episodes.  This is Steven Moffat's fault somehow, isn't it.)  Kevin Whately's face is delicious as ever, and so is Laurence Fox's slouch.

Meanwhile, has anyone on my f-list checked out Hogwartsishere?  If you have, what do you think?
Oh, I love when this happens and when I have time to write it down.  Sometimes I get happy brain sparks before getting out of bed in the morning and I know what I want to write next.

I keep thinking more about Voldemort this year.  After I delivered and posted my talk on Unforgivables last night, I started seeing missed opportunities to include more points in the talk.  When Dumbledore said to Snape that "you alone" can know if a certain action will damage your soul, that's a parallel to Voldemort considering Harry's push to try for remorse and realizing he's damaged his soul too much to endure that path.  I was thinking about the doubled meaning of the word "connect" when I said that Harry was the only person Voldemort had ever connected with, since of course JKR meant for the reader to remember that in a literal sense from the stunning extended image of the Priori Incantatem confrontation at the end of GoF, the countless humming golden threads brought alive by the connection between the brother wands, and... oh.  OH.  I've been steadily using JKR's images of golden connections to mean an oxytocin-rich bond between humans.  This Priori Incantatem is Voldemort's first moment, ever, of that experience, which more fortunate humans enjoy in infancy with their caregivers and in childhood with their friends.  But of course, to know how other humans feel, to humanize them, is to introduce empathy and therefore guilt about harm one has done to others... I very nearly feel sorry for Voldemort at this point, being slammed all at once with the awareness of all the emotion that must have rushed through the veins of his victims.  That's too heavy for one person to bear.

So I could do a talk on the golden threads and what they symbolize.  Those chains between the faces on Luna's ceiling.  <3  Luna.

And the related phenomenon of the light inside a person when they think of someone else, and the corresponding light they can see from the other.  The bobbing lanterns that resolve, with gradual closeness, into the recognizable image of a guide.  The orbs of light shooting into and out of the Deluminator.  The glow of the silver doe that says "Trust me."  Oh, I could write about Ron, which was urged by a very good presentation yesterday called "Why nobody writes about Ron."  ;-)  About why he had every right to consider leaving the tent and why that was necessary and foreseeable, and how that point of his journey can be understood through the closed locket, the hunger, the Deluminator, and the opened locket.

GAH.  And then.  AH.  The next HP con for which I can propose talks is Misti-con.  What if I did this as a guided imagery sort of thing?  In which I mentioned certain magical objects or symbols and asked people to think about times in their lives that they went through the same thing and got help from those very magical processes?  Like times that somebody asked them a favor that was a heavy burden, like Narcissa's Unbreakable Vow, that turned out actually to be a bottomless source of internal strength?  Or times that even despite abuse, regret, or trauma, a source of inexhaustible inner wonder -- a softly simmering cauldron -- helped people stay connected to their bliss?

Hmm.  I've already got three Misti-con proposals bubbling away.  It is probably too darn much to add a fourth, right?  But this is just the kind of thing people want from Misti-con.  This would be so awesome.
georgetown cupcake
The girls and their sleepover guest loved these brownies made with black beans, no gluten, no dairy.  I gave them tiny slivers at first, in case they didn't go over well, but the girls approved wildly, especially when they read the recipe.  Hurray; Husband can eat these!  I'm going back for another now.

Mitts for TQOH!

Finished blocking and putting buttons onto these cream-colored merino mitts for tqoh last night.  She deserves something for being The Director's Slytherin prefect!  The yarn is Lang Merino in DK weight and the pattern is Welted Fingerless Gloves by Churchmouse Yarns.  So simple and pretty.

tqoh mitts

Grace mitts


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