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Mise en Place-inspired food experiment #3 and other joys

lestrade ascendant
Alas, I had such a sore throat and fatigue today that I could barely get out of bed.  So chocolate pie has been postponed.  I couldn't face the thought of leaving the house to get chocolate, then separating eggs and whisking the yolks over a low flame and...yeah, back to bed.  But like Molly in an early chapter of Mise en Place, I have a muffin recipe memorized, so I threw together a batch of lemon curd-berry muffins inspired by the ones she made.  Mine weren't quite the same:  they didn't have a fruity crumble topping or lemon zest, and the blueberries were fresh; I just spooned lemon curd from a jar into the half-filled cups before filling up the rest of the way, then sprinkled sugar on top before baking.  Geeklet approved.  I'd serve these to Chef Sherlock without embarrassment.  I think I'll make more for breakfast tomorrow.

In other joys, there are two.  A new neighbor turns out to make the costumes for the Opera Company of Philadelphia and has just opened a studio that teaches dressmaking skills.  I was so excited I actually stayed outside at Dessert in the Courtyard for half an hour talking to her before giving in and going back to bed.  I want to learn to draft my own patterns.  That way, I can make costumes for the Director whenever she gets a grand new idea!

And my new Cumberclay figurines arrived from Pei in Indonesia!  I asked for side-ponytail Molly in her cherry jumper and casual-chic Lestrade "on holiday" in Hounds.  They are so adorable.  They make me happy.  If I order more Lestrades in the future, how should I ask them to be customized?  Press conference Lestrade from ASiP?  "And a happy new year" Lestrade from TGG?  Kicking-tires Lestrade from TSOT?  :-)

molly lestrade cumberclays

Mise en Place-inspired food experiment #2 and other joys

drinking chocolate
I tried the Ukrainian slow-cooker pilau with chicken again today, but substituting tomato sauce for the ketchup that I omitted yesterday.  This one gets a big thumbs up from the girls.  I'll try one more variation tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Dessert in the Courtyard where I live, and I shall try the chocolate pie that Molly bakes in azriona's fic.  I don't think I will be bringing that to Gridlock as I am too finicky about my pie crusts to be able to tolerate serving pie crust that wasn't baked the same day, so I shall have to bring some other Mise en Place-inspired dessert instead.  But I had to make the pie first.  :-)

For "other joys," there are two at the moment.  I'm about to go with Geeklet to a "Happy birthday, Harry Potter" trivia night at a local British-style pub.  We're going to team up with these people I met at last year's Misti-con, a teenage Slytherin and his mom.  If anyone beats our team, I will be seriously impressed.

But the hugest grin?  The chocolate pie I'm about to bake was adapted, with beautiful photos, by none other than author Diane Duane, who just received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers at last weekend's San Diego Comic Con!  She is a major Sherlock fan and adores fanfic, having written and loved fanfic and made a living off it her entire life. AND AND AND!  We're going to have an interview with her in the upcoming Episode 26 of the Three Patch Podcast! roane did the interview and it is clever and funny and delightful and surprising and warm and natural and generous and, and.  It is honestly one of my favorite interviews I've ever heard for anything.  The episode goes live August 1 and I can't wait for folks to listen to it.  I'm not just shilling for the podcast because I work on parts of it. I really love this interview.  I can't wait.  \o/

Mise en Place-inspired food experiment #1 and other joys

I almost never manage to get to read fanfic, although I always want to, and I have so many friends whom I have met because they write brilliant fanfic.  There's stuff I bookmarked in 2008 that I still mean to read...

But on a whim, I decided to delve into azriona's Mise en Place, a Gordon Ramsay-like Johnlock AU in which Sherlock Holmes tells people how to save their failing restaurants for a reality TV show.  I've been having so much fun with this.  I love food.  :-)  I'm a home cook of the "competent enough" variety, so I'm sure Chef Sherlock would be unable to endure anything I made, but I love him anyway.  :-)

I'm pondering bringing a slow cooker or toaster oven to Gridlock and adapting a recipe that appears in that story.  Azriona linked me to some basic slow cooker pilau recipes I could adapt, including one Ukrainian one and one with raisins and apricots and almonds.  The girls and I taste-tested these as our first attempts today and we'll be tinkering more until we make up something we're happy with.  The Director suggested soy sauce.  :-)  My Korean girl.

In other happy things, look what came in the mail for me on Friday! Order yours here.

PPP snape
Seven years after I read it, I'm still figuring out new things about Deathly Hallows.  That makes me so happy!  Awwww, I even feel a flush of fondness for my usual worry that my brand-new-to-me realization is completely old hat to everyone else!  Heh.

It bothered me for so long.  Why didn't Dumbledore and Harry pick up that snuffling horror-baby in King's Cross?  How were they -- that is, how was Harry -- so sure that it was beyond help?
Coming back to King's Cross.Collapse ) bags, mousepad, keychain

drinking chocolate
Look what Husband posted on his blog for our wedding anniversary!  :-)  A similarity analysis about the quilt blocks he programmed for me when we first started dating, which I later used for our wedding quilt.

I just got a shipment of freebies from, including a keychain and a zippered bag I ordered for him with graphics from the cover of his book (front of bag) and those quilt blocks (back of bag).  I also got pennswoods' Kidlock Totoro fanart printed on zippered bags, as well as a mousepad.  I love the way those turned out.  My freebies included two eyeglass wipes with my choice of printed art.  What on earth would I -- Ah!  Yes!  Charles Augustus Magnussen, that creep!  Turned out well, I think.

bags and cam eyeglass wipes

quilt blocks back

Lestraaaaade cosplay

One of the best things I remember from Dashcon: stupid_drawings cosplaying Lestrade!

Sasha Lestrade crop

Brian May "'39" quilt

brian may
Ah-ha!  I thought I had a picture of this floating around on my LJ somewhere!

This quilt was a tribute to the song "'39" by Brian May from their album A Night at the Opera (the same one that had "Bohemian Rhapsody"). It was one of the first times I used a batik in my quilts, one printed with fallen maple leaves to indicate memory.  The block pattern is called Blackford's Beauty.  It was my 100th quilt.  I think it was 1993.  The focus fabrics were from a Fabric of the Month service called The Cotton Club.  :-)


Queen + Adam Lambert. Now that's a concert.

brian may
Long, long, very happy review.Collapse )So this is the point of a large arena concert.  I never understood that before.


drinking chocolate

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