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For Logospilgrim

logospilgrim, I've been meaning to take a picture of this for you for ages.  It's on a building at the intersection of 21st and Cherry streets in Center City Philadelphia.  I've lived in Philly since the mid-1980s and I can't remember a time it hasn't been here.

Episode 37: Sherlock's On Holiday

Originally posted by lordstarfish at Episode 37: Sherlock's On Holiday

Sherlock’s On Holiday

Everyone deserves a break, especially hardworking detective inspectors. Grab a drink, an e-reader, maybe a detective and come on holiday with us! Show notes and direct download information are available HERE at Or subscribe via RSS or via iTunes (search for threepatch).

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What Harry sees to get rid of boggarts

Harry never has any trouble banishing boggarts.  In Prisoner of Azkaban, JKR doesn't even bother to tell us what Harry sees; he just aces his DADA finals.  In GoF, he makes short work of the boggart that he thinks is a dementor until he sees it stumble; again, JKR doesn't tell us how.  Boggarts are nothing to him.  It's like he has a funny mental image that can never fail.

This is what I think it is:

“That was quite some Patronus,” said a voice in Harry’s ear.

Harry turned around to see Professor Lupin, who looked both shaken and pleased.

“The dementors didn’t affect me at all!” Harry said excitedly. “I didn’t feel a thing!”

“That would be because they — er — weren’t dementors,” said Professor Lupin. “Come and see —”

He led Harry out of the crowd until they were able to see the edge of the field.

“You gave Mr. Malfoy quite a fright,” said Lupin.

Harry stared. Lying in a crumpled heap on the ground were Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Marcus Flint, the Slytherin team Captain, all struggling to remove themselves from long, black, hooded robes. It looked as though Malfoy had been standing on Goyle’s shoulders. Standing over them, with an expression of the utmost fury on her face, was Professor McGonagall.

“An unworthy trick!” she was shouting. “A low and cowardly attempt to sabotage the Gryffindor Seeker! Detention for all of you, and fifty points from Slytherin! I shall be speaking to Professor Dumbledore about this, make no mistake! Ah, here he comes now!”

If anything could have set the seal on Gryffindor’s victory, it was this. Ron, who had fought his way through to Harry’s side, doubled up with laughter as they watched Malfoy fighting to extricate himself from the robe, Goyle’s head still stuck inside it.

Going on this principle, I wonder if Malfoy combats boggarts by remembering Ron belching slugs.  ;-)


I've never understood where Harry was getting it from when he told Sirius and Remus that James wouldn't have wanted Peter killed.

“Get off me,” Harry spat, throwing Pettigrew’s hands off him in disgust. “I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it because I don’t reckon my dad would’ve wanted his best friends to become killers — just for you.”

I mean, how could he know what his father would have thought?  Where did he get that from?  I thought maybe JKR was just doing a magic thing, like how Harry somehow was certain that his mother's Patronus was a doe and we're supposed to accept it?

But I finally got it.  It's because Harry knows how it feels to have best friends and what a person would want for their best friends.  *hugging Ron and Hermione*

From earlier in book 3, Chapter 11:  The Firebolt:

“Harry, listen,” said Hermione, exchanging a look with Ron, “you must be really upset about what we heard yesterday. But the thing is, you mustn’t go doing anything stupid.”

“Like what?” said Harry.

“Like trying to go after Black,” said Ron sharply.

Harry could tell they had rehearsed this conversation while he had been asleep. He didn’t say anything.

“You won’t, will you, Harry?” said Hermione.

“Because Black’s not worth dying for,” said Ron.

Harry looked at them. They didn’t seem to understand at all.

“D’you know what I see and hear every time a dementor gets too near me?” Ron and Hermione shook their heads, looking apprehensive. “I can hear my mum screaming and pleading with Voldemort. And if you’d heard your mum screaming like that, just about to be killed, you wouldn’t forget it in a hurry. And if you found out someone who was supposed to be a friend of hers betrayed her and sent Voldemort after her —”

“There’s nothing you can do!” said Hermione, looking stricken. “The dementors will catch Black and he’ll go back to Azkaban and — and serve him right!”

“You heard what Fudge said. Black isn’t affected by Azkaban like normal people are. It’s not a punishment for him like it is for the others.”

“So what are you saying?” said Ron, looking very tense. “You want to — to kill Black or something?”

“Don’t be silly,” said Hermione in a panicky voice. “Harry doesn’t want to kill anyone, do you, Harry?”

Again, Harry didn’t answer. He didn’t know what he wanted to do.


Not recovered from Misti-con yet

It was great.  Best con I've ever attended.  A level of organization that sets the high bar for any other con I'll ever attend.  The whole four days, I was struggling to be at peace with the fact that choosing to do one thing meant missing out on three or four other things I wanted very much to do.  It was hard to justify resting!

I can't begin to list all the wonders and joys.  Like I said, not recovered yet, by which I mean mostly that there are so many things to catch up on.  But I'm thinking of the other con talks and meetups I want to prepare for this calendar year:


Three Patch Podcast social space and presentations, including at least one or two that will be solo or with one other person.

Chestnut Hill College

Just got word that they've accepted my 20-minute proposal to present on Ron.  Will start writing soon; conference is mid-October.  It would be so nice to be done ahead of time.  For anything.


The call for programming proposals will open next month.  What to do, what to do.  Some talks, some meetups.

Misti-con 2017

Ohhh, yes.  :-)  I think I shall plan some children's track programming.  And start sewing costumes for girls.

I gave two talks, co-hosted one discussion, and co-hosted three meetups.  I think my favorite was the Diogenes Club that foxestacado and I did.  The rules:  enjoy cake and tea, but NO TALKING.  It was hard at first for some folks not to talk, since we were together with people we don't always see but always love talking to...but by the end, we didn't want to start talking again.  It was so peaceful!  It made me very happy when an exhausted, overwhelmed logospilgrim found our refuge and sank into a chair and just silently relaxed.  Fox and I both loved this event and we hope to host more, for longer, at future events.

I got to meet nuclearpolymer!  That is, I already had, but I had no idea that's who it was until today!  That is very funny and fun.  Another case of almost mistaken identity:  I sat through an entire gripping reading by tjs_whatnot and didn't even realize it was her, even though she was right in front of me.  But she was there in her published-author persona and not her LJ-type fan persona and I totally did not make the connection at all, so caught up in her story.  It was funny when I finally realized the author whose story I thought about for more than a day was the same person as the woman I knew from LJ.  I got to see gelsey and r_grayjoy and alisanne and lilyeyes and dementordelta andravenna_c_tan irishredlass and sabrebabe and poor sick droxy and sugareey and I had a lively fanfic discussion with _hannelore and errandofmercy, whom I did not recognize whatsoever in that Dumbledore costume.  :-)  So many other people I cannot think of at the moment but I enjoyed seeing everyone and everything.  The cuteness factor was through the roof.  EVERYBODY was cute.  It was sad every day not to see christev and pokeystar, who were wonderful parts of my 2013 Misti experience.

It's a really special con.  I recommend it to any HP fan looking to attend a con.


Figured it out thanks to Janina Scarlet

Janina Scarlet calls her approach to using stories as part of healing Superhero Therapy and she was one of the keynote speakers at Misti-con.  I'll write it up when I have time, but suffice to say that I am fangirling very hard.  She asked the audience to do an exercise of not thinking of a pink dementor for a minute.  At the end, she asked who was successful.  I had tried something and it worked and I had the best breakthrough about what Snape had in mind when Harry disagreed with him about "the best" way to combat dementors and *flail* it was wonderful.

Flailing happily.

Misti-con is good.

Delightful Mad Men finale

I'm sure lots of people will have hated it.

But I just had a pretty bad weekend and then I decided to eat chocolate and watch the Mad Men finale instead of trying to get somewhere on the writing I couldn't do all weekend and it was the best decision.

Rarely have I ever had such an intake of happiness as when Joan proposed her brilliant idea.  Yes!  Yes!  Do it!  Yes!  Instant genius!

And that ending.  That is not where I thought the Don endgame was heading and it made my entire body laugh with delight.  Ah yes.  Perfect.

Going to bed with a lightened heart.  :-D

Softly simmering cauldron

After all this time, Snape's first-year Potions speech is still magic.  Rapturous.  Sustained.

the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses. . . .



It's the sustained control.

This is foreplay.  This is focused maintenance on a single act of magic for hours...days...months.

Yes, please.


I know not all the news is bad, but some of it, ai. I offered a soothing beverage to David Nellist (actor who plays Mike Stamford).

Meanwhile, Susie Graves tweeted that she's ignoring the depressing election news for a moment and focusing instead on the news that Rupert's pilot The Family, starring Joan Allen, has been picked up by ABC.  Looks like the first preview will be available May 12.


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