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Finished The Lightning Thief, aka book 1 of Percy Jackson.  Some okay, some good, some bad, a few moments of brilliance.

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Not finished with posts about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  The stage performances are...good.  Really good.  Good by any standards.  If I get the chance to return, as I hope to, I will go out of my way to watch them again.

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Reading Percy Jackson, pt 1

Geeklet's been enchanted by the Percy Jackson series for a while.  She warned me against it because she said the inaccuracies in some of the portrayals of immortals would annoy me, but I feel strong at the moment.  ;-)  I've waded into the first book.  Percy's just set forth on his quest.  So far, I've ticked off a few major rip-offs from HP.  Dionysus calling Percy their celebrity and treating him badly, the revelation coming on a significant birthday (at least this gives me something to aim for next year for Geeklet), a trio, and so on.  The worst so far is that this version of Dionysus is so off-base.  Ugh.  The rest of it isn't driving me that nuts, though.  I'm finding the story engaging, although the first-person voice is a bit naive for me, in that slightly offensive bland way.

Best thing:  the notion that folks in wheelchairs might be immortals placed in schools to keep an eye on mortals for their safety.

Happy birthday, Logospilgrim!

Much magic and many sneaky tiki moments for you today, delightful friend.

Frosting art I would like to make

Maybe something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

How about this?

But of course, first:

Happy Marriage Equality Day, my fellow Americans.

Talk me out of this. (No, not really.)

So it's our last night in Orlando.  We leave first thing in the morning.  And at 4 PM, it started thunderstorming hard.  Buckets of water.  We gave up any hope of getting in our last castle ride, our final decisions on souvenirs, a look at the Marvel section of the park, a milkshake at Captain America's Diner, any of our three remaining meals or four snacks or three beverages on our meal plan.  We went to overpriced, mediocre hotel dinner.

At 8:12 PM, Geeklet and I found that it has stopped raining.  It's now 8:30.

The park closes at 10.

The other three are tired.  We should pack.

I do...kind of...want to go back to the park.


Bye, park.  It's been grand.  No regrets.

I could live in Diagon Alley for a month

Wow.  The wizards who created Diagon Alley in Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter really outdid themselves.  An attraction aimed at the mass market that is geeky enough to blow the minds of obsessive geeks.  Wow.  I haven't even looked at everything.  I will leave tomorrow without having looked at everything.  So many things I haven't seen or tried yet.

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Originally posted by emmagrant01 at Beach Ficlets (1/?)
I've been a bit of a writing slump lately, so I asked for prompts and pairings on Tumblr. I received lots of inspiration in response, so I'm going to try to start writing some of these while I have a lovely blue ocean to stare out at and a fruity drink by my side. These will be short, unbeta'd, probably mostly porny, and will cover a variety of fandoms and pairings. I'll update the tags on AO3 as I go.

#1: Splinter
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: Johnlock
Rated: Explicit
Length: 1500 words
Note: Prompt and pairing request by Snowytumble

Link: Read it on AO3
I always imagine it was McGonagall who did the initial outreach to the Grangers.  And that she promised Hermione the school would be full of people who were just like her.  But then Hermione got there and it was actually just the same -- there was nobody in her league at all, and she was reviled for being gifted.

McGonagall and Flitwick could have switched houses, and Hermione was nearly a Hatstall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw as well -- that must have reinforced McGonagall's extra notice of this child.  We see in Sorcerer's Stone that Flitwick must have been talking with McGonagall about her new first-years:  he mentions as much to Harry about the new broom, and when Hermione scored high on Flitwick's final exam, he must have congratulated Minerva.

In the second book, we know she was doing feverish extra research to protect herself and other Muggleborns from the basilisk, and McGonagall must have been aware of that, since she and Hermione were already in talks to procure Hermione a Time-Turner.  This is how it looks when there's no official gifted program and the general curriculum is inadequate for exceptional students but a teacher quietly creates an independent study track for them, giving up their own time and putting their own good name on the line (McGonagall swearing to the Ministry that this student would not abuse the Time-Turner).  Then, when Hermione was Petrified, I think McGonagall must have been in agony.  She had failed to protect her student.  We see McGonagall crying about it.  She must have cried more than once over this brave little girl and worried that Hermione's two classmate allies weren't strong enough to do the job.  More than once, we see that McGonagall has her doubts about Harry and Ron being good enough for what Hermione needs as an oppressed minority in a time of war.

McGonagall and Hermione continue their makeshift gifted track throughout.  We see that especially in book 5.  She must have loved Hermione the same way Dumbledore loved Harry, but this relationship didn't face the same challenges -- Hermione wasn't an orphan, for one -- and I think McGonagall was always steely-eyed about Hermione's need to train as a warrior and fight for her life, and proud of Hermione for rising to the occasion, and supportive of Hermione's choices to do things like break rules or ditch classes in favor of fighting for justice.  In a time of peace, she might have counseled Hermione to stick with Divination so she could be someone like Percy or Barty Crouch, Jr. and rack up a perfect 12 N.E.W.T.s.  But there are different priorities in war.

How the two women must have talked, in private, during Hermione's eighth year at Hogwarts.


Well, *I* thought it came out well...

I used up a bunch of scrap yarn to put together a phoenix shawl.  Second chances, someone willing to die for us, tears of empathy.  I worked on it during Misti-con, finished it yesterday, and laid it out to block today.  The girls looked at it taking up the living room floor and made no comment.  Well, *I* like the way it looks...  :-)


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